Random Ideas

Just a random list of things I plan on making to sell in the shop. Feel free to comment with ideas!

-Kif's and Leela's offspring (tadpole thingies) from the Futurama episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"
-Poppler from the Futurama episode "The Problem with Popplers"
-Random Lumas from Mario Galaxy
-Log from Ren and Stimpy
-Magic Nose Goblins from Ren and Stimpy
-Ghosts from Pacman (actually have one of these made already!)



Sold a Goomba in the shop recently. Just getting around to posting the different stages of the sculpt!

Foil interior

Oven fresh

Finished sculpt! His balance wasn't the greatest so I added a tile for him to sit upon.

Fan Art (Part 3!)

Justin from Mythfits was so impressed with my work on Unicorn he asked me to make a Robot. So I did! My only complaints are that he's a little dark and his hands! Grr..

And a nice group photo of the two. Unicorn swooning over muscle Robot!


Fan Art (Part 2!)

Finished Unicorn, quite happy with how it turned out. (click for larger images)

Also added a heart base, makes it look ten times better!


Fan Art

Recently became a fan of the webcomic Mythfits, go check it out! Decided that I would make a sculpt of Unicorn. It's still a work in progress; all I have to do is prime then paint! Here's some progress pictures.

Just foil and wire

Baked and sanded..also added a wooden stand.
Such a fabulous pose.

Hopefully the paint job turns out well! I'll post when finished.

New in Shop!

Latest item for sale in my shop is the Weighted Companion Cube Magnet.

Very simple to make, so I will prolly make more if this one sells. The background square is technically wrong; parts are shorter. Of course this wasn't realized until I was applying the clear coat. Also the heart should be a lighter shade of pink- used the same color as the wires around the heart. Still looks good though! :D Mistakes noted and the next one will be 100% correct.



Its been a while! Moved to a new city and waiting for the semester to start.

I've also been working on a few mini-sculpts! Then I decided to sell em!(buahahha) My Etsy shop!

Guess I can use this blog to post pictures and step-by-step things. Sometimes I have the bad habit of being into the project that pictures will not be taken till the end.